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Is Vaping Worse Than Smoking?

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Many owners of the recently common vape boxes have transferred a tobacco smoking habit into something they consider more healthy – vaping. But is vaping more healthy, or is it actually worse than smoking?

Pros of using a vape box

So, what are some of the pros of using a vape box? One of the most commonly stated pros of using a vape box is that the traditional user is using it as a substitute for smoking traditional tobacco. Switching from a product that is very well known to cause cancer to something that has a seemingly smaller cancer risk is obviously a huge benefit. It also has much less of a second-hand component than traditional tobacco. And, although many places are starting to ban vape boxes inside, there are many establishments that will still allow you to vape inside – saving you from having to go outside to smoke. This is especially beneficial in the winter when it’s freezing cold outside! It’s much less harsh on your lungs to smoke from a vape box as well, as you don’t inhale nearly as much chemical byproduct into your lungs.

Cons of using a vape box

According to some recent studies, in some of the “juice” being used by common vape box users, there is formaldehyde present. Obviously, this is a huge concern. In fact, in these cases, using a vape box and the chemicals you are exposing yourself to can present a higher cancer risk than smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes. This is most commonly found in vape boxes that are considered “premium vaporizers,” where the nicotine or “juice” used is heated up with a heating element and then inhaled by the user. It is also only found in “high voltage” vape boxes.  If you’re not an experienced user, quite a few of the vape boxes may be out of your price range and expertise level. Going shopping for a vape box without a knowledgeable friend can also be intimidating and result in you getting talked into buying more product than you need. Check here!!!

So, should you quit?

Overall, especially if you’re using a vape box as a transitional device between being a traditional tobacco smoker and a former smoker, there’s not enough concrete studies or facts out there to justify quitting due to safety risks. It’s definitely a personal choice but it’s always important to do your own research and evaluate your own risks. Personally, vaping is exciting and fun and more socially acceptable (and safer) than traditional tobacco smoking, plus you can get involved with an up and coming subculture and make new friends. Why not give it a shot at least and see if you like it?! You have nothing to lose.

Although the use of vape boxes can be controversial, choosing whether or not to continue is a personal choice. Make sure that you do the research and read all of the current studies before making your choice. Vape boxes aren’t for everyone!

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Different e-juice flavors that you can purchase

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There are many different e-juice flavors that you can choose and purchase when you are using your electric cigarette. Many people are afraid to play around with the different flavors in order to find the one flavor that you will prefer the most. It is important to make sure that you are getting as much information about the different flavors as possible.

This is the only way that you can make sure that you are going to have the best experience using your e-cig. Here is some essential information about the different e-juice flavors that you can purchase:

Nicotine flavors and non-nicotine flavors

Firstly, one of the first things that you should know about the different flavors is that you are able to choose between nicotine flavors and non-nicotine flavors. This is for people who are trying to stop smoking or are using the vape pen for the fun of it and not for smoking nicotine.

You need to make sure that you are going to know exactly the amount of nicotine of the flavor is, before you purchase a new flavor to test. This is essential if you are trying to stop smoking, and you don’t want to use the nicotine flavors anymore.

Popular flavors that people prefer

When it comes to the different flavors, you will be able to choose between more than 10 of the best e-juice flavors. This means that you will be able to find the one flavor that you like most. It is a great idea to purchase different flavors and to test them all. This is the only way to know how each flavor is going to smell and which flavor is going to give you the best vape experience. visit her latest blog posted at http://www.michaelsgarden.org/getting-the-most-out-of-your-vape-pen/

It is important to know all the different flavors, in order to know which ones you already have tried and which ones you should still be trying. Here are the top 5 flavors that most people prefer:

• Apple
• Chocolate
• Vanilla
• Peppermint
• Strawberry

You can even mix your own flavor

The great thing about playing around with the different e-juice flavors, is that you can mix them up and make your own flavor. This is getting more and more popular to mix up some flavors. Some flavors are going well together while other flavors don’t really mix well together.

e-juice flavors

The only way that you can find the mix that you like the most, is to play around and to try mixing different flavors together. Some of the flavors that are going well together are:

• Coffee and peppermint or chocolate and peppermint

• Vanilla goes well together with many other flavors like, apple peppermint, strawberry, and even coffee
The great thing about using a vape pen, is the fact that you can have different flavors that you can enjoy. And, you will not have the same vape year in and year out. The more you are playing around with the different flavors, the more variety flavors you might like. The only thing that you should consider is that you should use the best e-juice flavors to get the best result.